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Team Building

Your job is to take over control and safely land a Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 aircraft without a pilot.


Scenario – both of your pilots have been incapacitated before starting the descent to land.  Your team of 3 will take over the flight deck and working together, with expert assistance from air traffic control (ATC), attempt to safely land the aircraft..


Extreme Challenges

Teams must work together to take, understand and interpret commands from ATC to ensure a successful outcome to the challenge(s)



In this event, teams must make quick decisions using verbal commands and interpreting their meaning in to flight related actions.  (Only 1 member of the team will be talking with ATC and they must interpret those commands and pass them on to the pilots.)


Learn how to appreciate flying terminology, procedures and effects to the aircraft.  Be able to understand priorities and dangers as presented throughout the challenge.

Team Building Course

Leadership & Collaboration

This event focuses heavily on leadership and collaboration within teams to complete a variety of tasks to save 126 passengers and crew, plus £100 million worth of aircraft.


Having achieved the challenge each member will then have the opportunity to carry out a take-off and landing for themselves, with a certificate to prove it.


All scenarios can be recorded in HD for company and personal de-briefing after event.


Cost £100 + VAT per person, including lunch.  This is a full day experience e.g. 10am-4pm – maximum of 9 people


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