Have you got a family member, friend or loved one who thinks they can fly an Airliner?  Then this Simulator will fulfil the needs of any aviation enthusiast!


This will suit anyone from having no experience at all to someone who knows how an aircraft flies!


They will be under the instruction of an experienced and trained Instructor who will assist them through the session. After a 10 minute briefing they will have a full 50 minutes in the Simulator, where they can carry out a take-off from a local Airport, followed by practising basic manoeuvres such as climbing, turns and descents.


Once familiar with the Aircraft, its back to the Airport for a safe ILS landing! Make this Experience even more exciting with a Start-up and Taxi Add on!


Time: Briefing 10 minutes + 50 minutes in the Simulator

Check out the full life of our aircraft here: