Corporate/Activity Day

This is a challenging experience and fun day. It's a great way to reward your group and let them bond. The flexibility of the event means that it can either be structured, where teams rotate around all the aircraft (Boeing 737, Airbus A320 or Agusta Bell Helicopter), competing head-to-head, or informally - allowing participants to choose which aircraft they want to take fly in.



We have easy or extreme airports to take-off from and land at, with a choice of Innsbruck, Madeira or Hong Kong.  The helicopter flight includes the formula 1 camera chase experience.



Learn how to appreciate flying terminology, procedures and effects to the aircraft.  Be able to understand priorities and dangers as presented throughout the challenge.



This event focuses on fun and appreciation of how an aircraft flies and how it’s controlled.

Having achieved the challenge each member will then receive a certificate to prove it!


All scenarios can be recorded in HD


Cost £100 + VAT per person, including lunch.  This is a full day experience e.g. 10am-4pm – maximum of 9 people