Helicopter Experience 


The helicopter simulator at Deeside uses the instrument panel and flight model of the famous Bell 407, while utilising the body shell of the Agusta 109 to give the simulated reality of sitting in a real helicopter.


You can fly with up to 4 family members seated in the back to cheer you on your way!

The simulator itself has a curved surround screen with 220 degrees of vision, which gives the most immersive cockpit view of all with realistic earth scenery, 3D buildings and configurable weather conditions.


Fun can be had trying to fly in the hover which can be very demanding and rewarding when achieved.

You can take off from your favourite UK airport - Fly over the Lake District, Welsh or Scottish mountains and enjoy the views. For the more adventurous you can land and take off from an aircraft carrier, or land on an oil rig! 

Please call 0151 348 8926 to book