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Helicopter Agusta Bell


The helicopter simulator at Deeside uses the instrument panel and flight model of the famous Bell 407, while utilising the body shell of the Agusta 109 to give the simulated reality of sitting in a real helicopter.


Your experience will consist of:- your Instructor will escort you to the simulator and will ensure you are seated safely for your experience.
For this experience you will have a brief discussion on how the helicopter flies.  The flight will begin at Shoreham where you will then follow the Instructor to take off to the hovering pads where you will begin to gain experience of the controls and gain experience to hover.

Once a degree of understanding has been established, you will then complete a flight from Shoreham to Goodwood (where the festival of speed is held).  Once there you will do a brief flight up and down the runway.  You will then go from there to the Goodwood Horse Racetrack and do a further landing on the helipad.  From there you will fly back to Goodwood and we will then attempt to chase the racing cars around the track.  Finally landing back at Goodwood where the helicopter will be shut down.

Please call 0151 348 8926 to book your experience - available Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday's - £130
PLease wear a face-covering.  Thank you!

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