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APS/MCC Course in conjunction with ravenair


Airbus A320

The APS/MCC/JOC course is designed for pilots, after obtaining their Commercial Pilot Licence and Instrument Rating. This course is a requirement prior to any application for a position within the airline industry.  It teaches basic multi-crew concepts and aircraft management to prepare you for commercial flying.

The course will be conducted on behalf of “ravenair” at Deeside Flight Training, (Ellesmere Port), on a UK CAA Accredited Airbus A320 simulator.


The Airbus A320 is an FNPT II approved simulator.  Deeside Flight Training is a subsidiary of Deeside Flight Simulators, specialising in training commercially qualified pilots.


We employ a team of 6 highly experienced former airline pilots to provide both APS/MCC/JOC courses on behalf of customer ATO’s; together with pre-assessment training, tailored to recognised individual airline standards.

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