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Deeside Flight Simulators - North West

In-flight Emergency?

Cost £200

Book now for this, our ultimate two-hour simulation, which includes using all the skills gained in our other packages before having the opportunity to experience and deal with a series of  non-normal events, and perhaps even an emergency landing!

Have you ever questioned how the flight crew deal with various emergencies?  Why not come to Deeside Flight Simulators and experience how pilots cope with unexpected situations?

Can you successfully deal with in-flight malfunctions and get your passengers safely onto the ground?

Join your instructor in planning a flight from Manchester to Majorca (Palma de Mallorca Airport - LEPA) with 168 excited holidaymakers. Everything is fine until whilst cruising at 35,000 feet a warning light illuminates.

This is precisely what all airline pilots are constantly training to deal with.  So, can you also meet the demands of the In-flight Emergency?

Come and try our most challenging experience yet and find out what the pilots really do when the chips are down.

Total experience time approximately 120 minutes including pre-flight briefing

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