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Mastered your Desktop Flight Simulator?

Always wanted to be an Airline Pilot?

Ready for the Ultimate Challenge?

Then this course is just for you!

Learn to fly our A320 or B737-800NG Simulators


(We only use fully operational genuine flight-decks with active all-weather visual displays).


10 hours simulator tuition plus detailed ground school:


  • Learn instrument and system layout together with operating techniques.
  • Learn programming and use of Flight Management System during flight.
  • Start and taxi, completing all checklists – taxi-in and shut down.
  • Fly simulator using Flight Directors for take-off and autopilot in flight.
  • Learn to interpret Flight Mode Annunciations (FMA), SID’s and STAR’s.
  • Fly simulator manually through all flight profiles and scenario’s, including landing and go-around.
  • Learn how to deal with minor non-normal procedures and failures.
  • Finally, demonstrate your competence to hire and operate the simulator as Pilot-in-Command with your own crew and passengers.



Can be completed over a period of time or as a (optional residential) training course over 3 days. (Terms and Conditions apply; accommodation incurs associated costs).

Advanced courses for the more experienced pilot can be tailored to suit.

Virtual Pilot Course

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