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Command Pre-Assessment Training Course

A four-day course designed to prepare the experienced airline first officer for the rigors and challenges of undertaking company command training. Delivered by experienced airline training captains, the students will be prepared for the many responsibilities and requirements which have to be achieved in order to successfully complete the transition to captain.

Simulator training is conducted in the Deeside Flight Training CAA Approved FNPT II representative of the A320-200. Prices are based upon two students training together. Courses are run Monday-Friday between 1000-1700hrs. Local accommodation can be arranged if required, subject to additional cost.


Groundschool Day 1

  • What makes an effective captain.

  • What skills are required to be an effective captain.

  • Responsibility and Authority of the captain

  • Additional in-depth knowledge of the Operation required of a captain.

  • Detailed understanding and manipulation of the Operations and Technical Manuals.

  • Understanding of the interactions between Operations Control, Maintenance, Ground Services and the aircrew (including cabin crew).

  • The captain’s responsibility for commercial decision making when away from base.

  • Aviation Law and Associated responsibilities.

Groundschool Day 2

  • Technical skills required for successful completion of the simulator phase.

  • In-depth systems knowledge required to deal with in-flight and ground failures.

  • Basic concepts of Aviate, Navigate, Communicate – Crew Resource Management, TEM.

  • Line-orientated training; application of interactions with other services discussed on day one whilst under training in the simulator and on-line.

  • Application of competency-based flying and communication skills expected of the trainee.

  • Division of decision making when a captain acts as PM during a sector.

Simulator Days 3 & 4

2 x 4 hours Line Oriented Flying Training (LOFT) consisting of 4hrs PF and 4hrs PM are recommended in order to consolidate the classroom phase (the second simulator session is conducted at a discounted rate). Traditional sectors with common operational problems will be interspersed with technical issues requiring the demonstration of appropriate flying skills commensurate with the standard expected of a line captain.

An optional single 4-hour simulator session can be arranged if required.

Total cost for two students: £2,050 + VAT

Call our Sales Team on 0151 348 8926 for further information.

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