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Thinking of buying or upgrading your own simulator?


Deeside Flight Simulators use Chillblast PC's in our simulators and highly recommend the discounted offers available via the link below.

Over many years of flight simulator operations we have found Chillblast PC's ideally suited to our preferred  software and hardware providers. 

Chillblast offer the latest hardware and system peripherals to achieve a high specification PC to run your simulator. 

We have been working with Chillblast to build a range of PC's to suit your Flight Simulator requirements and your pocket.

Who are Chillblast?

Chillblast is a UK computer manufacturer based in the South of England. Starting out as a specialist importer of niche overclocking products, we have evolved into one of the most highly respected and decorated desktop PC builders in the world. We are exceptionally proud of not only our awards but the service that we provide daily to customers. Whether you are on the hunt for a new home office desktop or a super-powered gaming rig, our specialised team are here to help.

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