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Deeside flight simulations in Ellesmere Port are looking to see if both potential/student pilots would be interested in an opportunity to use their SkyDemon in actual flying mode, giving them the opportunity to fully discover the various applications whilst actually flying in real time with real notams etc. Be able to create a flight and fly the designated flight over accurate VFR terrain.


During the flight you can practice diversions, approaches to the to the airfield using your own iPad.


The flight can be paused at any time if required to review, alter and understand the various options SkyDemon has. 

This also gives an ideal to pre fly any route you may be thinking of undertaking (mainly in the Uk) providing an excellent opportunity for pre-cross country qualified/student pilots to practice flying the route with both SkyDemon plus their VFR chart, over accurate google VFR imagery. 

So how can we achieve this ? Deeside flight sims offer the option to fly in the Bell 407 as P2 or a passenger thus allowing you to concentrate on just your iPad etc. your iPad can be easily connected to the simulator which means you maintain the continuity of your and how you like to use it.


Should you be wondering if SkyDemon is right for you and are thinking of purchasing, then we may also be able to offer you a basic introduction to using it while flying the simulator at the same time helping you make up your mind. 

So if this is something you would be interested in then let us know

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